Golden Horizon


INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S LARGEST LUXURY TALL SHIP …….which we sure will be a great hit with our clients - and the chance of a life time before she heads to the Far East?


Golden Horizon attracts like-minded adventure seekers for a sailing experience which allows guests to connect with the elements of the natural world.

The ambience on board is relaxed, casual, elegant and without unnecessary formality. We have created an environment which will encourage our guests to return to time and time again, and to share their stories and experiences.

With grace and beauty, the Golden Horizon is a sailing ship first and foremost, sailing to share adventures with our friends, our guests.

Some of our clients much enjoyed a luxury cruise on this fine vessel and she has now left UK waters heading back to her home port in Croatia. She will conduct one cruise round the Croatian Islands  from 23 - 30 September. Thereafter her voyage to the Far East has been delayed by 12 months and she will now cruise in the Caribbean from November 2021. Please contact me on 07977 534949 or message below for further details when they are finalised should you be interested in treating yourselves. My wife and I are certainly keen to see the details and hopefully book up! 

Multiple Dates